The BEST Plug and Play LED Strip EVER MADE! They FINALLY Did it!

Find out what makes this NEW LED Strip from Govee so special and how it can be perfectly diffused for a beautiful smooth neon glow! Govee M1 LED Strip: LED Diffuser Channel 6 pack: LED Diffuser Channel 10 pack: Tube Lights under Projection screen: Divoom Pixel Art Display: Left Corner Lights DIY Video: Baseboard Lights DIY Video: Other Videos I Have Made: Best Flexible Diffuser Material Ever?! Best Diffuser Channel on Amazon: Best Edge Lit Diffuser Channel on Amazon: DIY Diffuser Channel: DIY Ground Level Deck with LEDs: DIY Board and Batten video: How-To Video for the LED Pegboard Project: DIY LED Baseboard Trim: RGB Lamp Hack: Corner LED Light using Pex Tubes: DIY Govee Glide using only paper: Simple Corner LED Project: DIY Customizable Light Up Images: LED Strip Diffuser Ideas: DIY Hexagon Project: DIY Edge Lit Designs: DIY Black Acrylic Floating Shelves: Other LED Tutorial Videos: Installing WLED on ESP32: How To Solder Video: Installing WLED on esp8266: Power Options for LED Strips: Use WLED with Govee Lights: Re-Use Leftover LED Strips: Unboxing Videos: Sync Entire Room with Govee Immersion: Divoom Pixel Art: Govee Glide: Govee Lyra: Govee Hexa: Govee 3d: Lytmi Neo 2.0: Tiki Torch Bluetooth Lights: The best way to help support my channel is to like, comment, make sure your subscribed and share my videos with as many people as you can. The other way is to use the Amazon links above as I get a small % at no extra cost to you if you buy something. Thank you all for the support! #govee #ledlights #neonlights music led light strip, govee led lights, music led lights, est led light, led strip light, music led strip, govee led light strip, best led strip lights, cheap led strip lights, best led light strip, best led strip, led strip ideas, govee rgbic tv led backlight, led light strips room ideas, led light strips for room, led light strips installation, best led strip diffuser, best led strips on amazon, neon led strip, best led diffuser, led diffuser, govee, diffuse led strips, diffuser channel, aluminum diffuser channel, diffuser profile, aluminum diffuser profile.
Author : Chris Maher

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