20 Mechanical Principles combined in a Useless Lego Machine

Useless machine that utilizes different mechanical principles. Enjoy! 00:00 Schmidt coupling 00:17 Constant-velocity joint (CV joint) 00:30 Universal joint 00:42 Bevel gears 00:53 Slider-crank linkage 01:08 Sun and planet gear 01:25 Scotch Yoke 01:40 Chebyshev Lambda Linkage 01:58 Chain drive 02:13 Belt drive 02:32 Constant-mesh gearbox 02:50 Oscillating direction changer 03:06 Torque limiter (Lego clutch) 03:19 Winch 03:34 Rack and pinion 03:47 Offset gears 04:00 Uni-directional drive 04:22 Camshaft 04:38 Intermittent mechanism 04:52 Worm gear 05:11 THE FINISHED MACHINE Thanks to redshoebox, Lego Technic Mastery, 2in1 Bricking and Sariel. Many of these builds are inspired by (shamelessly copied from) their work. MUSIC HSM Synthesizer Challenge 2 – Clavis Aurea Anders Enger Jensen https://youtu.be/wUyLfCSi_T0
Author : Brick Experiment Channel

I do nerdy experiments with Lego bricks :) FAQ Q:Where do you buy your Lego from? A:www.bricklink.com Q:Can you give me the building instructions for X? A:No, sorry. The video description may contain a list of parts. Q:I see Finnish products in your videos. Are you from Finland? A:Yes. Kyllä, olen suomalainen. Q:How big is your Lego collection? A:Medium sized, worth 8k EUR. See it here: https://brickexperimentchannel.wordpress.com/2022/08/03/my-lego-collection/

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