Lego Guitar (3 simple songs demonstrated)

This is a Lego Mindstorms EV3 guitar. It generates sounds based on 12 fret positions and 5 buttons. Sound comes from the EV3 Brick (95646) internal speaker. Fret position is measured by EV3 Ultrasonic Sensor (95652). The guitar can be used as a solo guitar, rock guitar and bass guitar with different EV3 programs. Built completely from Lego parts. Enjoy! 00:22 Jingle Bells (Solo Guitar demo) 01:40 Smoke on the Water (Rock Guitar demo) 02:10 Walking Blues Bass Line (Bass Guitar demo) 02:44 BUILDING INSTRUCTIONS Download parts list and EV3 programs: Inspired by nxtprograms video:
Author : Brick Experiment Channel

I do nerdy experiments with Lego bricks :) FAQ Q:Where do you buy your Lego from? Q:Can you give me the building instructions for X? A:No, sorry. The video description may contain a list of parts. Q:I see Finnish products in your videos. Are you from Finland? A:Yes. Kyllä, olen suomalainen. Q:How big is your Lego collection? A:Medium sized, worth 8k EUR. See it here:

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