Ingenious Ceramic Workers with Skills you Must See ▶1
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  • 22.09.15 오후 02:07:08

Ceramic pottery is one of the most important achievements of mankind. The first known pottery was discovered in Jiangxi, China, and dates back to 18,000 BC. Next was Nasunahara, Japan (12000 BC). It was used by hunters and gatherers in Japan. The pottery was made out of coils. Then in Africa (7000 BC), the designs on the pots were made by dragging fish bones across the clay. After Africa, we find ancient specimens in Europe and so on. This craft has evolved over the centuries. In this video we will show you how the talented masters make handmade pottery with both: traditional and modern methods. We hope you enjoy your time on our channel. Tell us which topic you would like to see and we will definitely consider it. If you like our content subscribe to the channel and activate the bell button. Thanks for choosing TechFreeze. MEISTERSTRASSE JONO PANDOLFI DEVOL KITCHENS CARRON SHINOBU HASHIMOTO JONTHEPOTTER ONDO STUDIO JIARUN Video by Kyle Miller ASTON POTTERY Music: Epidemic Sound